Credit even without home visit.

Home visits are annoying, risky and unnecessary. Nevertheless, curious traders often make it to the front door. Don’t be fooled, home-based credit is common even in difficult cases.

Find out why home visits are more likely to indicate dishonest business practices than real help and the risks. With authentic information about loans and providers, we present real credit options with limited creditworthiness.

Only credit without a home visit – why?

Only credit without a home visit - why?

If creditworthiness is poor, finding a loan becomes a hurdle. Instead of granting an uncomplicated loan without a home visit, credit rejects hail. In a hopeless situation, people reach for every straw that is offered to them. If the loan does not work online on your own, why shouldn’t a “financial expert” look through the documents. The visit doesn’t cost more than a cup of coffee – does it?

It is precisely this mixture of despair and willingness to take risks that opens the door to business people. A financial or self-proclaimed debt restructuring company shows apparent credit options nicely and eloquently. At the same time, he casually states that additional collateral could increase credit opportunities or that insurance companies would have to be sifted through. The lecture sounds argumentative and logical.

It is not uncommon for additional contracts to be signed, from insurance to capital investments, credit cards or retirement plans. Weeks or months later, many are still waiting in vain for the “well-planned” and professionally prepared loan. They’ll be waiting for it next year or two years from now.

The bottom line was trying to get credit with home advice was no more effective than looking for home-made credit without a home visit.

The credit opportunities have probably worsened rather than improved due to the additional payment obligations. Every euro committed by ongoing payment obligations is no longer available for payment in installments.

Accept truths – no right to credit

Accept truths - no right to credit

Nowhere in the world do people have a legal right to credit. As a result, there will always be people who want funding but do not meet the necessary requirements. Loans with poor credit ratings are not mass-produced. To a greater extent, they are granted to hand-picked people who can afford their credit, contrary to Credit bureau’s credit rating.

Applications for credit without a home visit, without an intermediary, are subjected to the same test as with an intermediary or with debt restructuring. Only economic key figures count. – Adequate income subject to social security contributions, a secure permanent employment contract and, of course, the sustainability of the payment obligations. Any additional payment obligation worsens the chances.

Not everyone can afford the loan they want. But if you don’t want to put up with it, you should take serious, neutral help, which definitely costs nothing.

Advice needed – non-profit debt counselor

Advice needed - non-profit debt counselor

Yes, specialist advice can lead to debt relief and serious credit opportunities in the long term. Being free and professionally prepared for the loan without a home visit pays off. – But, the advice must only serve the interests of the borrower. Consultants may not derive any personal benefit from the consultation result.

In every city, non-profit debt counselors offer the required service. They are real experts who focus exclusively on the interests of the client.

Offers – quick credit with bad credit

Offers - quick credit with bad credit

Only a good handful of lenders give special loans. Borrowers expect the lowest hurdles to lending when offering quick credit with poor credit ratings. Mini-loans are awarded with quick payouts, despite a small income or despite a negative Credit bureau.

From a secure proof of income of 500 euros per month, lending is possible. The first application of the Berlin company may be made via video ID. This makes “loan paid in 24 hours” realistic even for initial applications. Applications for a loan of EUR 100 to EUR 500 with a term of 30 days are likely. After the first successful loan business, the offer for future loan requests expands.

Installment loan without home visit – loan without Credit bureau

Installment loan without home visit - loan without Schufa

The hang-up for the home visit of the “debt redeveloper” is, according to the consumer advice center, particularly often the loan without Credit bureau from abroad. As far as our research shows, only a credit bank can be considered. The Sigma credit bank  issues credit without a home visit and without Credit bureau for Germans. All necessary forms for the loan application are available for download on the bank’s homepage.

With poor creditworthiness, low income and despite paid Credit bureau, credit from private donors opens up fair credit opportunities. In a reputable environment, it should be possible to apply for credit from private customers via Good Lender and Good Finance from Germany. For applications via the two portals mentioned, no one has to fear the home visit of a representative or an investor. All necessary information is exchanged online.

The free credit comparison from Good Lender can also be used to discover alternatives for bank loans with poor credit ratings. Special loans for individual cases are granted by credit institutions that offer a delayed credit check.