Get a loans from bank: loan a car and receive money – Car loans

You are probably familiar with the phrase: “Only cash is true”. More and more consumers are betting on cash and are defending themselves against the increasingly clear efforts of business and politics to seemingly push cash into the background bit by bit. But it is not only in this respect that cash loans are gaining in importance. has details

Anyone with a bank who has no chance of a classic loan with a current account due to negative Schufa entries cannot avoid cash disbursed loans. With a reputable car pawnshop like Good Credit, you can secure short-term liquidity by receiving an immediate cash loan for loaning your car.

What loans do I get for cash loans?

What loans do I get for cash loans?

You get cash credits at Good Credit whenever you successfully use a vehicle as a deposit. We often call ourselves a car pawnshop, but cars are certainly not the only vehicles that you can pledge with us. We generally accept types and models of the following 6 vehicle types :

  • cars
  • Antique car
  • motorcycles
  • campers
  • trucks
  • boats

Nevertheless, you should not hesitate to contact us about pledging other vehicles. We usually find a solution for customers to have their cash loans paid out in return for a vehicle deposit.

What is the term of the cash loans at Good Credit?


If you want to take out cash with Good Credit cash, you are relatively free in terms of the term. It is this flexibility that our customers appreciate again and again and that leaves control over the pawn even in the event of unforeseen events. Our regular term is 3 months, which can be extended by the same period.

However, an extension by a quarter is only possible if all the costs incurred so far have been paid. Of course, we enable you to release your deposit early at any time. This is often the case when our customers unexpectedly make money and use it to repay their cash credit. Vehicle sales are also possible.

What do I have to do to get cash loans at Good Credit?

In order to receive cash loans from Good Credit, we have to calculate the vehicle deposit value. Please let us know the most important vehicle data:

  • Car Model
  • Status
  • mileage
  • Year
  • Extras

Once the deposit value has been determined, we can define the amount of your deposit loan. If you agree with that, we make an appointment for the handover. Then please bring any necessary documents with you, including the de-registration certificate and the registration certificate parts I and II. The key must not be missing either. After confirming your identity and signing the contract, you will receive your cash credit.

In which cities can I get cash loans from Good Credit?

In which cities can I get cash loans from Good Credit?

The unbureaucratic process is the same at all of our locations. Overall, we are there for our customers with 7 branches in the south-west and south Germany. You can get cash loans from Good Credit in the following cities:

  • Mainz on the Rhine
  • Wiesbaden
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Darmstadt Car Pawn Shop (New)
  • Munich
  • Rosenheim
  • Karlsruhe

We are represented in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg. Of course, we are also there in the vicinity of these places for customers who need cash loans against car deposit. Even if you are further away, you can contact us. A solution is always close.

Is Good Credit a cash loan without Schufa?

Is Good Credit a cash loan without Schufa?

Good Credit is a car pawnshop that does not work with any credit reporting agency. We, therefore, do not cooperate with Schufa, which makes us different from banks and enables consumers with a negative Schufa entry or generally poor creditworthiness to borrow. Our cash loans are therefore loans without Schufa.

Our loans without a credit check are based solely on the deposit value of the vehicle you loaned so that neither your income nor the credit score at Schufa plays a role. Of course, this goes hand in hand with absolute discretion, which we guarantee you at this point. With Good Credit, you always secure a cash credit without Schufa.

What are the costs associated with cash loans at Good Credit?

Like classic loans from a branch and online banks, our cash loans are associated with certain costs. This cannot be shaken since we obviously have to finance our services. However, we guarantee that all cost points are within the legal framework and that we want to keep the expenses for our customers as low as possible. 3 components form the cost structure of Good Credit:

  • fees
  • interest
  • demurrage

In the case of a car pawnshop, the parking fee is added to the usual loan fees and interest. Finally, we store your vehicle in an insured building for the time of the pawnshop. Secure a cash loan against a car deposit now on fair terms!